Loan without credit check for unemployed

Even though the credit requirements for most private or institutional lenders are very different, no one will give a loan to the unemployed without a credit check. However, this does not mean that positive Credit Bureau information and / or regular income must be available in every case.

If the unemployed can find a co-applicant or have other security, they have a good chance of getting a personal loan. It could not only come from your own circle of friends or acquaintances, but also from someone else.

Private credit intermediaries

Private credit intermediaries

There are numerous private credit brokers on the Internet who consciously address problematic target groups and do not exclude unemployed or Hartz IV recipients. Even if these credit intermediaries have years of experience and intensive connections to domestic and foreign lenders, this does not mean that they can fulfill any request for a loan without a credit check for the unemployed. However, you can get an idea of ​​the personal and financial situation of the unemployed and look for a suitable lender based on various information.

If there is no additional collateral, it will also be very difficult to obtain a loan in this way. Neither a private nor an institutional lender has money to give away and will refuse a loan without a credit check for the unemployed.

In this context, it would be very important to pay attention to the seriousness of the credit intermediary and the private lender. It would be recognizable, among other things, by the fact that there are no preliminary costs whatsoever and that the interest on the installment or consumer loan is within a range that is also common for other bank or personal loans.

personal loans

personal loans

If you do not want to use a private credit broker, you can start looking for a loan without a credit check for the unemployed. However, he will only find what he is looking for if he turns to a private person. A credit brokerage portal on the Internet could also be used for this.

This is where private prospective creditors and private lenders are brought together, whereby the lending criteria and the loan conditions can be defined individually. If an unemployed person presents his or her concern and finds a private lender whom he believes to be trustworthy, there are very good chances that his or her loan request can be realized in whole or in part.

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