Financing your vacation by purchasing credits

Do you want to escape? Have you found a promotion for a trip that made you dream? Have you taken a loan to finance your vacation or on the contrary have too many credits to finance your vacation? Our credit buy-back solutions can allow you to leave peacefully, without straining your budget.

The budget: the key to a successful holiday

The budget: the key to a successful holiday

Treks, hikes, beaches, mountains, skiing, lazy windsurfing or cultural festivals: the holidays are expensive. Between accommodation, food, travel/transport, plane/train/tolls, and outings/activity, the vacation budget can quickly explode the meters.

In France, in 2012, 32 million people went on vacation. Unfortunately, 2 years later, in 2014, the holidaymaker count was 1 million less. In the question: the budget of course. Because it has continued to drop since 2012. At the time, it was around $ 1,200. In 2015, it will be barely 900 $, according to an OpinionWay survey for Binary Lender and Across Lender.

However, holidays are essential to regenerate for the rest of the year, have a good time, relax and enjoy, etc. Should budget problems prevent you from taking this privileged time? Not necessarily: whether before or after departure, buying back vacation credits can allow you to finance your escape.

Buyback vacation credits: before, after, it’s up to you

Buyback vacation credits: before, after, it

There are several solutions for buying back vacation credits.

You can for example completely realize a grouping of loans with the provision of cash before leaving. The cash can then be used to finance the holidays in complete peace of mind, without affecting your savings.

If, on the other hand, you do not have savings, then it may be better to favor a grouping of loans including a consumer credit which will be used to finance the holidays.

Finally, it is entirely possible to buy back credits after the holidays. Indeed :

  • You have taken a loan to finance your vacation and, once you have returned to real life, you realize that managing your daily budget will be difficult;
  • You have exhausted your cash or savings to finance your vacation and, once returned, you need to replenish a security reserve.

In either case, buying back vacation credits allows you to cope and clean up your budget while having fun.

Depending on your personal, family, professional situation and your saver profile, loan consolidation brokers for more than 15 years, we will be able to find the financing solution that best suits you so that your budget is no longer a dead weight to drag. With the purchase of holiday credits, enjoy life to the fullest!


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